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Shredding Services

Our shredding services include document destruction and x-ray pickup. At All Purpose Document Destruction in Oak Hills, California, we pride ourselves on ensuring your documents are properly disposed of, so you no longer have to worry about them.

Destroying Documents

All Purpose Document Destruction comes to you in their secure vehicle to pick-up all the x-ray film you are ready to have securely destroyed and recycled. Our x-ray pickup service is free for small volumes and we even pay you for volumes over 400lbs! When you dispose of your x-rays, you save storage and money. X-ray film contains some chemicals, which may be deemed to be hazardous to humans. Each document creates a security risk, but we take the risk away.



Many times customers are looking for the best price and service, so the next time you ask for shredding service make sure you ask the following:

  1. Are there any fuel surcharges?
  2. Is the shredding done on-site? Many times the rate you are first quoted is for off-site shredding, then you receive extra charges for on-site
  3. If on a contract will the shredding company auto-renew? This is done to lock you in, even if the service is bad! Many times you must pay to get out of a bad deal.
  4. Are there any “per min” charges or charges for them working too slow? Why should a customer pay for a slow employee of the shredding companies.
  5. Are you being charge for the bins or consoles each month?


Services Offered:

  • Monthly Residential or Commercial
  • One Time Purge Service or Clean Out
  • Small or Large